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The one ceremonial phenomenon undertaken by every company is to recruit right candidate for the right job and to do this protocols are laid down meticulously and resources are tapped from the online portals. An HR executive life gets difficult every time he is given a new recruitment assignment. Recruitment and staffing are very critical task but thankfully there are several options in form executive search firms in Mumbai , like PlacementConsultant who take up this responsibility. A company has many tasks to deliver and certain operations have stringent deadlines to follow. Amidst all these activities it is very easy to overlook any recruitment task or due to the limited time, the assignment can be wrapped up shabbily.


So, what can be the possible solution to this problem? The possible solution to this issue is the executive search firms, like us who are dedicated and efficiently manage all your recruitment requirements. All the top executive search firms in Mumbai work not only to meet the recruitment needs of any company but also provide training and other personal induction programs to the candidates.


Let see how our executive search practices can make a big difference to you :


Important connections :

Our recruitment specialist connect with the best qualified candidates personally while maintaining the adequate confidentiality and discretion. Our long experience in the industry and seniority helps us to deliver our best while we contact the candidates. We try to connect the candidates as peers and offer then valuable insight, objective and genuine advice about the job profile.


Our executive search practice is the best in the Mumbai city and we are among the few executive search firms in Mumbai , who have successfully established this practice in several companies.


Our knowledge is our strength :

All most the companies are struggling to find the best executive, so definitely you would not want to waste time on training your candidates. Thankfully all our recruitment specialist are adequately trained for high-level management consulting roles like COO, CEO, etc. We work like a true industry insider and understand the business operations of our clients.


Value for money :

As we enjoy the status of being the best executive search firms in Mumbai , we try to deliver our clients distinctly private service and direct accountability. Every time when a client engages with us for an executive search service, we try to ensure that he gets the expertise and market search data. This is the core idea behind this executive search service. Our strong network of candidates also helps us to deliver the right effective solution to our clients.


The best candidate for leadership roles :

We always work hard to provide the best candidates to our clients. We try to figure out the leaders who will the most suited for your business for both short and long term. We pinpoint the candidates’ competencies, personality traits and behavioral features. As we work with our clients to create candidates profile, we help them weighing both the immediate challenges and the overall strategic objectives of the business.

We focus on recruiting the best CEO, COO, CTO and CFO 's for our clients. We ensure that the candidates that we provide for these roles are capable and matured enough to transform the client’s business and take it to the next level . Getting a right leadership is very crucial as they are the people who are responsible for deciding the future course of action for any business. Our executive search practices understand these requirements and provide the best leadership match for your business.


Insightful Search :

As soon as the objective are defined, our recruitment specialist engage themselves in indentifying the candidates who meet our clients requirement. Our recruitment specialists simultaneously search for our client’s requirements in the relevant segment of our database. By conducting this extensive process, we closely examine the candidate who seems to potential match to our client’s requirement.



The foundation of the PlacementConsultant.com was laid in the year 2003 and since then we have been successfully serving to several mid and large-sized companies across India. Even with this astounding success, Placemnentconsultant.com operates like a closely knit family with an accomplished team of 25 members. We are a privately held company and are very popular in the industry. We work with a notion of contributing to the society through our services.

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